Blessings On Easter Sunday


kyle_ssi_003I stayed away from church of any kind for thirty years, and now after just a few years back, it is quite odd still for me to deal with the idea of Easter.

If Jesus died on the cross so to absolve me or cleanse me of my sins, then why does the idea of hell even exist? One minute I was told that Jesus had “saved me” and the next minute I was told, “You better shape up or you’ll find yourself in hell!”

These people were really adamant in their belief’s, and I was flabbergasted that they could possibly believe these things. Often I have said and will say again, that they had God made out to be a lot like Santa Clause.

I always knew and I know now that God is much more than that. When I was a kid I resented and hated these people and the word “Christians” was pretty much the same as a curse word to me. The word or the idea evoked in my mind someone who was holier than I was, someone who was very judgmental and condemning.

Unless you were on his team. Unless you cut your hair like he did. Unless you wore the same brands of clothes. Unless you were pretty much a clone of him.

Now that I am older, it is all okay. I really am okay with everyone, no matter what they “believe”.

I have come to understand that people who have “belief’s” are people who don’t know. Belief is fear. It is something you hang on to. Your team decides to wear the blue hat and the blue hat is the only way. I get it. People with belief’s are always trying to get you to agree with them or make you “see” how right they actually are.

A person who needs so badly to be right, must not be.

I don’t believe anything. I know what I know. What I know about God is that God is not a noun. God is a verb, an action in motion. God is in everything and everyone. There is nothing that is not “of God”.

What I know about people is that we are all people. We have all been born under different circumstances in to this world, and we all will live here and then die. We are all in the same predicament, but each on his or her own journey.

What I know about Jesus is that with all the miracles he performed, he didn’t have to get on the cross. He could have easily overpowered those that were there, or frightened them to the hills. But he didn’t. He let them put him up there, and he took all their punishment. While hanging there, he looked out at the people and he said, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”
Jesus taught me that by crucifying him, those people were actually crucifying themselves. They were damaging themselves. They were acting out of fear. The scene of the crucifixion was a picture of their insides. Instead of being angry with them, or instead of being afraid, Jesus wept for them. Because He saw.

What I know about me is that if you are a human, we are on the same team.We may not all know it, but I do.

On this Easter Sunday I invite not just you, but myself as well, to take this opportunity to let down our walls a little bit more. These belief’s that we hold like shields are unnecessary. Let us examine ourselves, take a look at our lives, and honestly see where we make decisions and are living from fear.
Of the thousands of ministers in the world who will tell you that you should be “God-fearing”, I am not one of them. I will tell you that “God is Love”. I will tell you that to make decisions and live our lives from Love is to live in Heaven. To live in fear is hell.

God lives within each and every one of us, not just in ministers or monk’s or the pope. God lives in YOU.

I probably would not be so graceful while being crucified, but I know that this is the goal. This is what to strive for. So let us strive to live our lives from Love instead of fear, no matter what difficulties we may face in our lives.

Blessings to you and Happy Easter!

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Jacquie Fajans says:

I am studying the early days of Christianity, and where a lot of the early stories have come from. The one thing I know for sure is that there is a force greater than myself that guides my life,brings to me everything that I need and fills my mind and heart with the energy of love, And I am greatly blessed because of it.

shanti north says:

Well said, well written. I have come to believe that 9/10 th of the story was engineered by those of the Roman council that set up “Christianity”, they simply rewrote what was in line with the power and authority of the Roman empire. This was done about 3 centuries after the Christ visit to earth. All records that said otherwise were destroyed.

kyle says:

Thank you Shanti, yes it does seem that there has been a war or three over this stuff…. You know, it was three hundred years after the passing of the Buddha before anyone wrote anything down. As soon as they started writing the Buddha’s words down, all heck broke loose. Many people are not aware that there are a lot of different sects of Buddhism, just as with Christianity.