Being Okay When It Is Not Okay


Unity Village 2017 Summer

Spiritual principle’s and Truth principle’s are ideas and/or concepts that we work with in order to create less suffering in our lives.

Suffering is replaced with serenity, emotional balance, compassion and understanding for ourselves and our fellows, and hopefully an all round more abundant life.

Life is pretty easy when things are going your way. You are financially set, your family is all healthy, and your job is going well. When things are going our way there is no challenge and there is no suffering.(Usually)

It is when things aren’t going so well that we have the opportunity to put into practice the principle’s and concepts that we study.

Accidents happen, people get sick and die or die unexpectedly and too young, our partner may decide they don’t want to be our partner anymore, and something or someone may come along and threaten our financial security.

Sometimes things seem to happen all at once. You wake up one day and realize that nothing is the way you want it to be. You may not even be the way you want to be or think you should be. You may not be able to live up to the expectations that you have set for yourself.

There are times when it is only normal to feel hurt or to be in grieving. It is never wrong to feel whatever it may be that we are feeling, but what is most important is what we do with it.

Our actions.

Have I become too self involved? Have I slipped into self-pity? Have I forgotten that every down time in my life has been followed by an up time at some point? And that the up time usually seems to take to long to get here? Have I lost sight of the fact that whatever my problem is, it is probably a, “first world problem?” That there are people all around who have much more challenging situations than I do?

The fact of the matter here is that if everything has to be just exactly the way I want it or thing it should be in order for me to be happy, then there will most likely be a lot of unhappy days.

We have to learn to accept what is. We have to learn to be okay when things are not okay. The ideal goal here is to be centered and grounded, no matter what situation appears in our lives.

Now let’s get out there and be okay!

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