Are You Too Attached to Your Cell Phone?


IMG_3510I really like riding my bicycle.

Every time I pedal out of the driveway I catch myself smiling. Because it truly feels like I am off.

Yes. Believe it or not, I don’t bring my phone on my bike rides most of the time, and so there will be no calls, texts, or e-mails coming in from anyone.

It is just me and God.

If something happens, or if somebody needs me, or if somebody needs to know right now if I can take this gig or not, then so be it. They will have to wait.

Often times on my rides I see pretty things or a pretty view and reach for my phone to take a picture of it, only to realize that the phone isn’t there.

And this always reminds me of how attached I am to the phone.

Besides being a phone, of course this is where I get all my texts, e-mails, and social media messages.

But I also use it for a camera, my watch, to make online bank deposits, a music player, a GPS, it is a flashlight, I read books on it, and it is even my alarm clock. (this list doesn’t even begin to list all the things I use my phone for… you might even be reading this blog on your cell phone.)

When I meditate I even use an app on my phone to time me, so that I don’t have to be concerned with the time.

Yesterday I saw an advertisement for a contraption that connects your phone to your bicycle.

Yes, there is an app that has an odometer and speedometer on it too. It had already occurred to me that if I wanted to listen to music while riding, I’d have to have my phone.

But thankfully when I got my bike, I decided to get a wireless speedometer/odometer to put on it. (And actually figured out how to install and use it thanks to Youtube video’s)

I remember several years ago when we were on vacation, and we were going somewhere and I told Heather(my lovely wife), “I’m not bringing my phone.”

She said, “Oh yes you are! What happens if the car breaks down or if something happens? And besides, it is your camera!”

It seems that it was 1998 when I got my first cell phone. I was thirty years old, and I was touring the country playing music.

I have no idea how we existed before cell phones.

But we did.

It would be pretty silly for me to deny the importance and also the convenience of our cell phone and internet technology.

But I enjoy my “unconnected time” so much while riding my bike… you might want to try it for yourself. Just have a little time every day when you turn that thing off or leave it somewhere.

I will conclude by saying that cell phones are a good thing, but they are for us to use. Too often we let them use us.

Take some time every day AWAY from the cell phone and see how good it feels.

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