Are Other People Dragging You Down?


kyle_ssi_002 3Today was a wonderful day! I was invited to speak at Unity of Hilton Head, and then give a seminar on meditation after the service, and… it really is good to be me!

My seminar’s and workshops are very informal, as I like to have people feel comfortable and be involved. I pretty much usually have a topic of course, along with a planned program, but I also usually ask people “What do you want to know?” This way, the workshops are more like a group of friends visiting and sharing on a Spiritual topic, instead of a lecture.

Today I was asked a question that I have been asked many times before; Can meditation help me if there is someone in my life who is bringing me down?”

“Yes!” I replied. Meditation can help you with anything, and especially in dealing with other people. But, first things first. We are totally 100% responsible for our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Other people cannot be responsible for us, so we cannot blame them.

Meditation is to awaken the Spirit that you are. We become aware of what we are, and who we are, and we vibrate out. No longer does the world happen to us, we now happen to the world.

So, if other people are dragging you down, I can only suggest that you stop letting them. If someone else is angry or depressed, or miserable, this doesn’t mean that you have to be too. You can allow them to be how they are, but it is for you to decide how you will be.

I am prone to say to someone, “It is unfortunate that you are so angry.” but this is very different than saying, “I am angry because you are angry.” or even worse, “You are making me depressed!”

In short, it is not possible for someone to bring you down, unless you let them. You can wish that things were better for someone, without getting down yourself. We do not want to make other people responsible for us. Trust me, after you make even the smallest beginning in this, you will be glad you did!

I lived for too many years allowing other people to control me. It is one of the greatest blessings to be able to stop allowing others to control us. We are in charge of our selves!

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