Appreciate Yourself!


 “If I’m not appreciated, that’s your problem that you don’t appreciate me. Unless I need your love, then it’s my problem. So my needs are what are giving you the power over me.” Ram Dass

We need attention, we need acceptance, we sometimes just need to be heard. Sometimes people cross our boundaries, sometimes we are jealous or envious of others. Maybe they have something we don’t have, or maybe they seem to be doing well in life, while we are struggling.

No matter the situation, when we have a problem with someone, it is more times than not, because we feel threatened in some way. We feel threatened because on some level, we feel guilty. Somehow, we don’t measure up. In short, we have problems with another person, because we are not okay with ourselves. 

This is what a spiritual practice is all about; Learning to love ourselves. As we learn to be more accepting of ourselves, we will soon see that our problems with other people disappear.  Kyle 3



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