An Update on SPIRIT


Welcome to the SPIRIT Center! This year 2012 has been one of the most exciting years of my life so far, and has also been a year of major change. Along with creating this page, releasing 2 new CD’s, and visiting church’s in Savannah, Greenville, Charlotte, and Charleston(twice), I have been working on a book, which is titled “From Busy Mind to Meditation”. The book is pretty far along at this point, but not far enough to say when we will have copies for sale.

I have also recently completed a Music Healing class through the Yogananda Institute on-line. Currently I am taking a teacher training class for AKASH.(Ancient Keys to Achieving Success and Happiness).

Over the summer I will be visiting Wilmington NC, as well as Orlando FL to play music and also give the “From Busy Mind to Meditation” workshop. I will also be performing SPIRIT Healing Music Meditations as a part of both workshops. If you have friends in either city, please let them know about this and I will look forward to meeting them!

The next SPIRIT Healing Music Meditation will be here in Savannah at Unity of Savannah, on June 3rd at 5:30. PLEASE plan to attend and bring some friends.

Many blessings to you!

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kyle says:

Many blessings to you and your family! Thank you for letting me know about this Yoda experience that you had. He works in mysterious ways!

Kamea Moonmaiden says:

My son has been struggling with alcoholism, severe eczema and recovering from eye surgery and a problem with believing in a higher power. I have been praying a lot for him and my two daughters, both also struggling with alcoholism. I have to set the right limits and send them all back out into the world, can’t stay in the nest forever, then the world is changing so rapidly around us as our energy fields increase!

I had been feeling upset with these adult kids for being drunk and was trying to talk to my son about healing. He said he could only imagine e Yoda as his higher power. I came inside and found this wonderful message from Yoda. Battleplan is the exact term needed to fight this disease, the Christforce flows through us all despite all appearances and the Divine knows no limits in time and space for healing.