An Update on January 20th, 2012


Unity of Charleston was a great experience! Thank you to all the wonderful folks there for your hospitality! I played 3 songs during the service, and Brad was kind enough to play along on one of my songs! Then the workshop and SPIRIT Healing Music Meditation was awesome as it always is 🙂 THANK YOU!!!
SPIRIT is guiding me, and I am getting a lot of practice at keeping my hands off of things. In the past I have been very eager to jump and scratch and push, in trying to force things in my life. Being a self employed musician, you learn real fast to fend for yourself, but in this phase of my life, I am learning to allow life to happen. Trying to force things, is acting out of fear, and I have let fear go! As a result, many wonderful people and opportunity’s have entered my life.
There will be a lot more good news in the coming days!

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