What Can We Do About Charleston?


“Everything we do is either an act of love, or a cry for help.” Marianne Williamson

If we go inside the mind of the “bad guy,” or the, “enemy,” or even the “terrorist,” we will see that they are absolutely sure in their resolve that they are right.

They are protecting themselves, they are doing what they have deemed as necessary, and when they act in violence, they are making a statement that they know will be heard.

They will finally be heard.

And it makes me wonder just how many are out there, who are desperately in need of help, and who aren’t getting it. How many people out there have no one to listen to them?

And what do we say to these families in Charleston? These children, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, who have lost their loved ones in someone else’s cry for help?

I’d just come home from my own church, made some calls and did some office work, when the story began to appear on my Facebook feed.

My heart sank.

“Oh my God, how can someone do that in a church of all places?” What do you do when someone stands up in church and starts firing a weapon and killing people before your eyes?

Or in a mall or a school full of children?

I don’t like it. It hurts to see people act this way. It hurts to know that someone feels this way. It hurts to know that this young man did not understand that he was taking the lives of his own brothers and sisters.

It doesn’t matter what color you are, where you are from, what language you speak, or even if you have different ideas than me, … we are all people. We are all human-beings.

I am grateful he was apprehended. The rest of his life will be spent in prison, but I pray somehow that he sees.

You see, he is one of us.

And I pray for those victims and the families who lost loved ones. I pray for that city, who’s people must surly feel unsettled. (to say the least)

We can talk about it, we can have feelings around it, but what can we do about it?

Anger and violence cannot be met with anger and violence. This is no cure. This only helps to propel what we do not want.

What we can do though, is we can try to help people who need help.

Maybe we need help ourselves.

Are my actions loving actions? Or am I myself crying out for help? When I see someone who is obviously crying out for help, do I try to help? Or do I turn away. Maybe I even look down on them.

In the end, this is all we can do. Simply try to be of some help to anyone we encounter that needs it.

Let us pray;
Let us keep our hearts open, especially during this time when it is so easy for us to close them. Let us know and be aware that every action we, or anyone else takes, is either an act of love or a cry for help. Let us continue our own growing and healing, and let us get the help that we may need, and also let us reach out to those who need help. Let us speak the Truth that we know, which is that we are all one human family.

Let us hold the victims of this tragedy and their families in out hearts and in light.

And so it is. Amen.

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