An Imaginary Conversation with Eckhart Tolle’


dff771a88da0299a79e4d110.L._V192546980_SX200_(Dear reader, this is an imaginary conversation with Eckhart Tolle. Just for the record, he doesn’t like coffee because he says it makes him jumpy)

Kyle Mr. Tolle thank you so much for joining me today. I’ve read your books and am a big fan of yours

Eckhart Well thank you Kyle… for having this… imaginary conversation with me. It’s quite flattering.

Kyle– Your books and your ideas are not new, but the way you present information is really helping a lot of people and you have become very famous. How does that feel?

Eckhart I just feel like me. There is nothing else that I know really, except for me.

Kyle– One of your sayings that I quote a lot is when you talk about, “If being enlightened is something that you are going to do, something that you are going to achieve at some point in the future, then you’ve already missed it.” I think this is the most difficult concept for me and I know for many others. I mean, what do we do? We don’t feel “enlightened”, so we continue to seek it. And then, you say that we are missing it.

Eckhart– But you are already enlightened and everything is already perfect. It is inside of you and all you have to do is wake up!

Kyle But this idea that I don’t have to do anything is sometimes over my head. Sometimes I get it, but then I find myself back to “trying” again. I can’t just sit in meditation all the time doing nothing.

Eckhart Of course not, you wouldn’t want to sit permanently in meditation… Let’s say that you wake up in the morning and you brush your teeth. That is a good idea. Perhaps while on your way to work, or in your case Kyle, while having your morning coffee in your garage office, someone just comes strongly into your mind. You should call them and let them know! Then someone will contact you. Things will happen. Your wife will want to know what you are doing and if you can pick up Lily from school. There are responsibilities that you have, such as cutting the grass, writing your blog, and by the way, judging by the looks of your calendar over there, you need to book some October gigs for your band. You do what there is for you to do, but you can do these things and stay in the moment.

Kyle So to my readers, I need to let them know that they are enlightened right now. That all the answers are inside of them. That they are perfect.

Eckhart Yes! It isn’t anywhere else. There is nothing that is anywhere else. The idea is to be awake right now in this moment. And when you are awake in this moment, you are very much experiencing enlightenment.

Kyle– You know Mr. Tolle, I think that we all have this idea of an enlightened person being someone like “Jesus” or one of the famous guru’s, or someone like you.

Eckhart– Well Kyle, you are someone just like Jesus was, or just like any of the famous guru’s, and you are someone just like I am, aren’t you?

Kyle Yes. Yes I see your point, though I admit that I still have the tendency to see other people as separate or different, and even better than me.

Eckhart– But you know better! You know that we aren’t separate in any real way. That is only an illusion.

Kyle It feels really good to be here now with you Mr. Tolle, and to be enlightened with you in this moment. Thank you again for your time.

Eckhart- Time? Oh, we will leave that discussion for… another time.

at Kanuga 2013

at Kanuga 2013

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If you haven’t read “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle’… now would be a good time!

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