An Experience of Oneness


Majestic Saint Simons Island Georgia.

Heather and Lily and I spent a few days on Saint Simons Island last week, and this is our favorite spot to vacation.

One day while the girls were swimming in the pool, Heather said to me, “Why don’t you take off and go for a bike ride?”

And away I went.

The neighborhoods there around Neptune Park and the Lighthouse are really beautiful and peaceful, and I have always loved the energy there.

I stopped by my favorite spot to meditate for a few minutes, and then got back on the bike and headed to the backside of the lighthouse, so that I could get on the sidewalk and ride beside the ocean.

And this is when I heard the voices and encountered a most amazing situation.


They were all dressed in white and many stood in line, waiting their turn to walk down the wooden stairs, into the ocean, to be baptized.

Of course the singing got me the most. African American Spirituals are rivaled by no other, as far as I’m concerned. So I went straight to the voice, only to find that there was nobody near the p.a.(speakers)


“AHA!” She had a wireless microphone, and was sitting down on the rocks beside the water.

I rode over and stopped my bike near her, and just watched and listened to the sights and sounds.

It was clear to me that these are people who operate as if God is separate. As if they can ask God for things and if they are “good enough,” God will comply. They were being baptized so that upon their death, they would be allowed into Heaven.

There have been many days in my life when I would have seen these people as the enemy.

IMG_5698I would not have been able to, at that time, see beyond our differences.

But on this day I looked at the minister and the men in the water, the people as they were baptized, and all the people who were sitting and standing around, and I listened to the singing, and couldn’t help but come to the conclusion that, “Even though they are different than me in many ways, there are many more, and more important ways in which we are all of the same ONE.”

Sister number 1: I rode up and said, “It sure is nice living here in Heaven!” and she said to me, “Oh goodness honey, this ain’t heaven!” I said to her, “Well if Heaven is going to be better than this, I am IN!” and gently rode away.

Sister number 2: Again I began with, “It sure is nice living here in Heaven!” and this sister replied, “It sure is!” We talked for a while and she told me that the group was New Life Ministries from Atlanta, and that they had been coming to Saint Simons every year for over twenty years and having baptism ceremony. “This is amazing.” I told her. “You are amazing!” and she said, “So are you!” Then she said, “You can get baptized too if you want to.” and I thought for a moment before politely saying, “Maybe not today, but I thank you all for being here and creating all this beauty.” (Reserving the right to go back next year)

See and hear a video HERE

The lady who sang: “Thank you so much for singing for us I said.” They had started playing  music from someone’s iPhone by this time so she could get a break. She said, “Thank you, God is good!” I told her, “If you would have kept singing, I would never make it back to my wife, because I will sit here forever and ever listening to you!”
All the ladies enjoyed that one immensely and we all had a big laugh.

I am still laughing, because that is just what you do in Heaven. You smile and laugh.


Those I follow everywhere.


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Susan Boles says:

thank you, Kyle for sharing Heaven with me. I am there! Of course, being awake in yourPresence is Heaven, always!

kyle says:

Thank you angel Susan. You know, come to think about it, this event happened shortly after you and I spoke! It was brilliant. It all is, but some experiences as you know, just… well… can appear more brilliant than others.