All About Meditation (the grand finale’)


IMG_5718Today I gave a workshop on meditation to a small group.

“From Busy Mind to Meditation” is what I call it, and have had the honor of leading this workshop many times now.

I love it when someone suddenly sits up straight and has an, “A-Ha!” moment. Or when someone suddenly starts crying and nodding their heads, “yes, yes, yes.”

There is no doubt that the moment that I realized that I am not my thoughts, that what I am is the awareness of the thoughts, is the moment that completely changed the course of my entire life.

At the time I was truly fascinated with the idea, and I knew it was big, but I didn’t know how big.

I didn’t know that there were many other people who were trapped in this same state that I had been in. Not knowing.

There are some people who just naturally know that they are not their thoughts. They just know themselves and they have very strong sense of self and self identity.

But there are a whole lot of people out there who don’t.

And for us, when we “get it,” this is truly a re-birth. An awakening. It is an expansion in consciousness, and now we are truly alive and aware.

The practice is forever.

After thirty years, I still bring my mind back to the present moment quite often. Which means that my mind still goes off somewhere else on a regular basis.

But that is okay. It is very much okay. Because when you realize that the mind has drifted, you are back!

Someone asked me today, “What do you get out of this? What are the benefits?” I without thinking replied, “Well first off I am now able to be here fully present with you and give you my complete attention.”

I continued, “All of my relationships changed and so did my relationship with the world.”

Now I can actually use my mind productively. I can let it analyze something, and then I can decide. (Instead of expecting my mind to decide for me.)

You could say that thirty years ago, I got introduced to myself. Or to the idea of the self. And now probably the number one most important thing that I can offer to the world is to introduce people to themselves. To let them in on the secret.

Now you can hold a thought. You can place your focus where you want it. You can stop the mind from its endless and unproductive rambling. You can be much more productive in life using meditation.

I know you are in there. I see you.

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