All About Meditation (part 3)

Kyle with Roy Eugene Davis at Center for Spiritual Awareness 2015

Kyle with Roy Eugene Davis at Center for Spiritual Awareness 2015

Racing Thought Episodes(RTE) don’t last.

People usually begin to have a problem with RTE when they start losing sleep. You lay down after a long day, and you are tired and ready for bed, but the mind is not.

The same thing will happen when you sit down to meditate. When you want to get quiet, the mind gets loud and louder.

But this isn’t the only time that RTE happens. Most of the time during the day, we don’t notice it.

For instance, when you are driving to work, you may not notice that your mind spends the entire time somewhere else.

You may not notice while at work, while with friends, or even when you are with your family.

The main fact to know about RTE is that, the mind is always somewhere else.

You are simply not here in the moment. The mind is thinking about some incident that has happened, or perhaps worrying or even looking forward to an incident that we want to happen in the future.

But when you aren’t here, then you aren’t here.

It becomes much more noticeable when you want to sleep or meditate.

Remember in part 2 when we spoke of training for a marathon? Of breaking the wild horse?

Here is your training, and this is the exact same training I did, and still practice often today.

Sit down. You can sit in a chair or on the floor, “indian style,” but be comfortable and keep your back straight. (I typically sit “indian style” on the floor, but I sit against my bed to help keep my back straight.) (Yes, you can sit against a wall.)

Now let your hands just lie on your thighs and close your eyes, and begin breathing through the nostrils.

We are not taking deep breaths, but we do want to “breath the body.” So take a medium breath. Inhale, then exhale, and that is one.

Watch the breath coming in and out of the nostrils and keep your focus on breathing as you count to 25 breaths.

Most people cannot do this. When I first started it was difficult to get past three or four, and then off my mind would go.

When this happens and you realize that the mind has taken off, bring it back. Resume counting from the last number you remember being on. If you cannot remember, then you have to start over.

Seriously, most people cannot do this. If you are serious, if you are determined, if you dedicate yourself to this, you will achieve within a week or so. You just have to really hold firm.

Don’t get discouraged. Remember that most people really cannot do this. You can if you try. And you will begin to notice a difference in yourself.

In the next blog in this series I will tell you about various meditation techniques, but every one of them will require that your mind is tamed.

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