All About Meditation (part 1)


Kyle Tree OM 2A person might say to me, “Kyle, my mind is racing like crazy and it won’t stop!”

(How well I understand that predicament.)

Then again, the brain isn’t always racing. Thus, the very same person may say to me tomorrow that, “My mind isn’t as loud and crazy as it was yesterday.”

What I call, “Racing Thought Episodes”(RTE) seem to come in waves. People who experience these episodes frequently are very well aware that you have to let it, “run its course.”

I mean, you try to stop it and you just cannot seem to have any luck. So you are at the mercy of your mind and this RTE.

It can really get you at night. This is the best opportunity for it because you lie down in bed in the dark and there is nothing going on, and so away it goes. During times in my life when I’ve let the mind get away from me, and before I knew that it is me who is supposed to control the mind and not the other way around, I would generally expect three to four hours to go by before it seemed do dwindle to a stop and I could go to sleep.

My intention with this blog series is to be very concise, so for now, the point I want to make is that the same person who tells me today that the mind is racing, is the same person who may tell me later today or tomorrow that the mind has calmed down.

My question to you is, “How do you know?”

Who is it that knows that the mind is busy or not?

The first time someone asked me that question it freaked me out beyond belief. “What do you mean?” I asked.

It was then explained to me that there is a “me.” This part of me that knows if the mind is racing or not.

After all I’d say, “My mind is racing.” “It won’t stop and it is driving me crazy and I cannot sleep or concentrate.”

I was at the mercy of the mind to such a degree that I thought that I was my thoughts. I had never put the pieces together that there is a third part of me. There is the body. There is the mind. But then there is me.

Over the years I’ve come to call it the “mind-body.” The mind-body is mine. I am supposed to wake up and take control of the mind-body. It is sort of like my vehicle to move through the world in.

You are not the body. You are not the mind. You are YOU.

You are the “observer,” or the “watcher.” You are a Spirit, and this is a simple misunderstanding that the mind can control you.

In this blog series I am going to show you that you can take control of the mind, and I am going to show you how.

Stay tuned for part 2.

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