About Prayer(part 3)

Prayer flags at Kanuga 2013

Prayer flags at Kanuga 2013

“Our thoughts are prayers
and we are always praying.
Our thoughts are prayers
listen to what you’re saying. 
Seek a higher consciousness,
a state of peacefulness
and know that God is always there,
and every thought becomes a prayer” 

You are a prayer. Your life is a prayer. It is impossible to escape the fact that every single moment counts.

Every thought that goes through your mind.

Every word that you say.

Everything that you do.

This is how I’ve come to understand prayer. Prayer is the kind of person I am and the way I live my life. I have come to understand that all things in the Universe are in Divine Order, even when tragedy strikes, or even when I don’t necessarily agree with, like, or understand circumstances. I look up at the moon and the sun, and I look at my hands, and I listen to the voices of my wife and daughter, and I know that God doesn’t mess up.

And suddenly when I stop fighting everything, when everything is okay just like it is,… then everything is okay just like it is.

This feeling is a wonderful prayer.

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