About Prayer (part 1)


kyle_ssi_002 3Praying is not about asking, begging, pleading, bargaining, and surely not about insisting.

Prayer is also not just for ministers, swami’s, guru’s, Joel Osteen, or the Pope.

The truth is that God communicate’s with us all the time in many ways, and we communicate with God too. But too many of us feel that there is a “communication error”.

Maybe the angels are working on one of the tower’s? Or maybe they are just re-working the network?

Many times we feel as if we are trying to place a call, but it just won’t go through. There just isn’t anyone on the other end. Many of us have already just cancelled our service with God.

I have cancelled my service more than once, and I haven’t always been so polite about it.

It is no fun to be broke and not really know how you are going to financially get by. It is no fun to invest your heart and soul and everything else you have in to something, only to watch other people achieve success. It is also not much fun to struggle with things like alcohol and drugs, food, sex, money, and relationships. Heck, at that point, what isn’t a struggle? There have been times in my life when it was just absolutely no fun being me.

Until I learned how to pray.

It was the tough times in life that taught me prayer. You see, like many people do, I only prayed when times were tough. I only spoke to God when money seemed tight, or when I couldn’t get my way no matter how hard I tried, or when I continued to drink even when evidence showed that I’m not the kind of person that should drink.

If things were okay, I never thought about God for a second.

It wasn’t until I realized and was willing to admit that my so-called “relationship with God” was one-sided, that things could begin to change. Things really began to change when I saw and pondered the question, “What does God want from me?”

We each have our own ideas about what God wants from us. I personally lean towards thinking that God wants us to use our “God-given talents”, and of course we know simple suggestions such as “the Golden Rule”. No matter our belief’s or our religion or lack of religion, this world simply cannot function for me if I am in a constant state of take take take. Things just don’t work that way.

So initially for me, prayer became simply looking for ways that I could give.

– Do you pray only when you are in trouble?
– What do you think God would want from you?
– Can you find ways to be more giving in life? 

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Alberto says:

With almost everything which

seems to be building within this particular subject

matter, your

viewpoints tend to be

very refreshing. Nonetheless, I appologize, but I can not give credence to your entire idea,
all be it radical none the

less. It appears to us that your commentary

are not completely justified and in fact you are your self not really completely convinced of the
point. In any case I did take pleasure in reading through

kyle says:

Alberto, thank you for taking the time to read the blog. I would love to further discuss with you. What part of the idea did you find “radical”? Also, would love to know why you feel that I am not completely convinced of the point. Blessings to you!

dale says:

Instead of asking ‘what do I want from life?,’ a more powerful question is, ‘what does life want from me?’ – Eckhart Tolle

kyle says:

We love us some Eckhart Tolle! and we love us some Dale Worley too!