A Sermon On Love


20120214-175456.jpgThis past week found people all over the world shedding tears of horror and pain over the incident that happened here in the USA. Mothers everywhere sobbed in agony, and many a father, myself included, shed tears as well. Incidents like this lead us to think “What is the world coming to?”
My wife Heather and I were living in Boston on 9-11-01, and on that day, we feared for our lives. The country was clearly under attack. This week however, it was little children who were under attack. Innocent, harmless children who hadn’t been alive long enough to do anything to anybody. (Not that anyone could deserve what those children got) We were all affected by this.

On Saturday, the day after the incident in Connecticut, I found myself talking with a friend, who’s niece had attended school at Sandy Hook. She was a victim during the incident on Friday. He was in shock, but spoke of preparing for the trip home. “This ain’t gonna make for much of a holiday trip.” he said.

As a minister and healer, it is my duty to make sure that you know that the power of LOVE is a trillion times bigger and more powerful than what we experienced the other day. Evil and hatred do not even exist when compared to LOVE. Think of electricity, airplanes, automobiles, computers and the internet, and how we use each of these things to bring us together and have better lives. Think of Jimmy Carter and Habitat For Humanity. Think of Mother Teresa, imagine the thousands upon thousands of good deeds that occur every day all over the world. Think of all the people in our lives today and how wonderful each one is in his or her own way. What happened in Connecticut the other day, happened to you, it happened to me, it happened to us all. How do we respond? We must find  way to bring the love that is inside of us all, into the outer world around us.

Not only am I a minister and a healer, but many of you know that I am a musician and an artist as well. While Heather and I were receiving the news from Connecticut the other day, she asked me “How could anybody do this?” “How can this happen?” My first reply was “This is his art. This is an outer extension of what was inside of him.”

As an artist, musician, and songwriter, I hold myself to very high standards. I know that Spirit speaks and acts using this body and voice as a vehicle to reach others. What I do matters. What you do matters. So  WHAT IS YOUR ART? What is your purpose for living? If you want to know, then just look around you. As an artist, I see that repairing air conditioners and cars is an art, being a therapist is an art, being a tour guide or a minister is an art. It’s all an art. Your life is a painting of what is inside of you. What does your painting look like? How would you like it to look? Who is in it? What does it consist of? You, no matter what you do in life, are an artist. It doesn’t really matter if you want it to be this way or not, it is this way. You are painting every day. Everything you do and say, matters to the world around you.

Find the love. Paint it. Find the loving action that will reverbarate around the world. It is there, it can be done. Let us remind ourselves that every person we see is our brother or sister or our own child. I struggle sometimes simply to be kind in my own home, with my own family. I know that when I struggle to be kind, it is because there is inner struggle within me. It has nothing to do with those around me, but it affects them just the same.

I work for God Himself, not for any man. I know that to change the world, I must change inside of my own self. Tonight as I write this, I affirm:

“Let it begin with me!”
“I has already begun with me!”
“I am filled with and surrounded by the light of God!”
and finally
“I am the light of God!”

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