A Reflection of Self


SPIRIT painting 4-14What if when I look out at the world, I can only see my self?

What if when I criticize others, when I judge harshly, or when I speak or act in a “holier than thou” way, it turns out that I am talking about my self?

What if I am simply trying to somehow feel better about my self. What if I am using you, or something I’ve seen on the news, to help me create a false sense of superiority?

If you say it isn’t true, then it isn’t true. If you think it is a far-fetched silly idea, then it is.

But for me, it is right on the money.

I can be judgmental with the best of them. I can criticize too. And yes, I can take on a “holier than thou” attitude in a split second if I’m not very careful. The thing is though, is that when I participate in these behavior’s, it doesn’t really feel good. I don’t feel good inside.

Usually when being judgmental, criticizing, or being “holier than thou”, I am angry.

If I am having an issue with an individual, or with several, or with a place or society in general, it is always me that is the problem. The truth is that when I am feeling good and secure in myself, I just don’t have problems with people. That doesn’t mean that I don’t use my good judgement(which is very different than being judgmental) either. It just means that for example, I witness someone being dishonest, then I just don’t get involved with them.

But I don’t have a problem with them, unless I have a problem with me.

The second I start trying to “make you understand”, I know exactly what is going on, and what is going on is that I am not feeling very good about myself.

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