A Little Respect


Good communication with someone that you don’t respect, or that doesn’t respect you, is pretty much impossible.

It is my practice to try to see God in everyone, but sometimes there are challenges. We all have challenges with this, so there is no reason to feel all alone.

But when I don’t respect someone, no matter who it is, I am the one in the wrong.  Disrespect is a sign that I’ve got something to protect. Someone has hit one of my sensitive spots, and it is my sensitivity, not the other persons.

It is the same with anyone who is being disrespectful. They are doing the same thing that I do; trying to protect a sore spot.

My favorite line in the Prayer of Saint Francis is “Let me seek to understand, rather than to be understood.” 

When I began to attempt to listen and to understand other people, instead of just being immediately angry or self-righteous, this is when my relationships began to change tremendously.

People could see that I had laid down my guns and that I was genuinely attempting to understand what they were saying.

More often than not, these became very good experiences. When they saw that I wasn’t attacking or protecting, they would feel safe to just talk.

One thing is for sure and that is you cannot make someone respect you. We know that already.

So quit trying. Be willing to be the first to give respect.

And amazing things will happen in your life.

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Jennye says:

When we each release judgment of another and ourselves, be it their spiritual beliefs, their non beliefs, etc. we are honoring the other and ourselves..it is that simple! What another person presents is our reflection within. When I remember, and since I am not perfect , at times I forget…but when I remember to thank each mentally for coming to teach me about myself when they mirror an aspect within myself that I do not accept and embrace with love, I am walking my Talk…and for that I am most grateful!