A Humbling Vision


The other day during my bike ride, I sat up very straight and took in a huge breath of air.

Suddenly there was a vision.

I was atop a huge mountain seemingly on top of the world. I was sitting in the grass with my spine straight up and looking into the vast blue sky.

There was nothing in sight except the green grass and the blue sky.

And the wind was blowing strong on my face.

It was quite pleasant at first, but then a thought came in; “You have no control over this wind.”

The total beauty of mother nature washed over me, along with a feeling of complete powerlessness.

The thought even came to mind that, “Maybe the wind is God?”

After all, it is the air we breath into and out of our bodies. It brings us nourishment that we need. And we are completely immersed in it.

It was euphoric and also very humbling. And it was powerful enough that I remember as if it happened just now.

When I have true visions, which isn’t every day, I always remember them that way. They stay with you.

It all happened in a flash, and then I hunched back over and continued my ride.

It is actually a really nice envisioning idea for meditation. Sitting in the grass on a mountain at the top of the world, surrounded only by grass and the sky. You can feel the wind on your face and blowing your hair, and you can hear it in your ears…

Just thought I would share that with my awesome readers!

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