A Fun Experiment


These last few years, I have studied a LOT of books on Spirituality, and one of the most interesting ideas that I came across is that “You always meet yourself.” I am sure that this came from The Course In Miracles, or Miguel Angel Ruiz(The Four Agreements), and possibly from both, though it is not an uncommon idea with those of us who believe that we are all One. All Spiritual texts that I have found point towards Oneness, but this idea that I always meet myself just took me over. It clicked something in my brain, and so I began to experiment with it, and boy was I surprised!

The experiment is easy enough to do, just decide that whoever you encounter today, when they speak to you, it is actually YOU speaking through them. At the time that I did this experiment, I was involved in doing some deep inner work, and doing a lot of work with positive affirmations about how I felt about myself, and when I tried this experiment, I immediately saw the need to chang some of the people that I spent my time around. I mean, it was so crystal clear to me when people spoke. I did not want to say negative things to my self anymore I did not want to complain anymore, and so certain relationships had to be cut off. This created time and space for new relationships, and also for older relationships to grow stronger. I found ways to let people know that I only wanted to hear positivity and inspiration, and in some cases, relationships grew tremendously.

This also made me aware that when I spoke to someone else, I was them! I began to drastically change what I said to people and how I said things. I payed a lot of attention to everything I said, knowing what was on the line. Oddly enough, some people didn’t want to hang around with me anymore. I guess they did not want to say positive things to themselves.

Now, if it is true that “I always meet myself”, I like what I say to myself and how I treat me a lot more than I used to! Please give this experiment a try and let me know your experiences!

Many Blessings!

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