A Fascinating Surprise!


Sometimes it occurs to me that people these days invite me to come and speak at their church’s.

That is a pretty darn big deal if you ask me.

On Sunday I will be at Unity Church for Creative Living down in St. John’s Florida with my friends Reverend Mona and her husband Sean. And I will play music, lead meditation, and also give a talk.

Then I’m going to present a workshop called, “Solving the Puzzle of Life”(which my regular readers may very well be familiar with).

I am going to watch people’s entire lives change right before my eyes.

The very same way I am watching my own life change. The changes happen on the inside, as the “light comes on”. There is a new understanding, a new way of seeing something, or an answer that we have been seeking comes.

What is really slowly happening is that we are removing our fears and our excuses, so that we can become what we already are.

We forgive someone we thought we’d never forgive and didn’t want to forgive in the first place. We start thinking, “Well maybe that is possible after all!” We face things that we thought we would never face.

And we clean ourselves out. We uncover what is hidden down there underneath all the layers of protection. We’ve tried to protect ourselves with guilt, fear, anger and hostility, and a strange false sense of superiority. But all that is negative energy, and it has to go if we want to grow.

Of course, once a shift happens on the inside, this is the beginning of an outer change that will come. We start thinking a bit differently, speaking a bit differently, and then we find ourselves making different decisions. And slowly, our outer world begins to change in desirable ways.

It used to be that people would not have wanted me to speak in their church’s.

Actually, my life today is nothing short of a fascinating surprise to me. All I really knew was what I didn’t want. From that there were only so many options. And here I am a traveling minister and inspirational speaker. Here I am an energy healer and spiritual counselor. Here I am, using all of the lessons I’ve learned in life, to help other people and to be a positive constructive force in the world.

And this is just a little bit of it.

But for now, my message for myself and for you as well, is to take a deep breath and just be here now in this moment. I invite you to join me here. Let’s wipe away anything that we are going to do tomorrow or next week, and let’s just be okay right now. Let’s be centered.

As we are busy doing all that we do and planning all that we plan, it is easy to get caught up in all of that business. It is easy to get impatient and anxious. But any time this happens, we can always come back to center. Just by stopping and taking a nice deep breath and smiling and bringing ourselves back to the moment.

And to all of you who invite me to your church’s, who invite me to lead workshops and give concerts and speak, and to all of you who read this blog, and to all of my circle of friends,

THANK YOU for sharing this moment with me. I needed it.

kyle sittingKyle Shiver loves you!

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Scot says:

Kyle, I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your workshop today. Your message of trusting that one must know that he already knows the answer was inspiring. I hope to visit Savannah in the near future and will be sure to check out Unity of Savannah.

kyle says:

Thank YOU Scot, it was great to be in your presence. And GO DAWGS!

Lesta says:

You ARE an inspiration. You are all that and more. I appreciate you and how you’ve helped me. But i have to also say that i’ve watched you GROW and EXPAND and it is lovely. I’m so happy that i’m here to see it and share this moment in time of wonder and grace.

kyle says:

Lesta it is such a beautiful moment! I am grateful for you and all of the Myrtle Beach peeps… it makes things easier just knowing that you all are there.