A Different Story


The idea of “Lack” is simply a state of consciousness. It is your perception. It is what you have convinced yourself of. It is a reality that we create. It is the story we tell ourselves.

It is an endless stream of, “I can’t afford that”, “I should have done that instead of this”, “Some people are smarter than me”… One of my big one’s was, “I’m just a musician and 99% of musicians never make any money.”

It is true that lots of musicians don’t make the “real” money and that being a musician isn’t necessarily a highly sought out profession for those seeking financial success. It is also true that there are stigma’s that society has about musicians. Lazy, broke, late, untrustworthy, and of course they know where to get the good dope and they are always high.

At one point in life, I had sort of taken all these ideas and put them over me like a cloak. Then all these ideas became rules. They became me.

And then wondered why my life was going so poorly.

It is all a trap. It is all a bunch of malarkey. But I had taken on all these ideas and begun to live out the story.

Lets change the story!!!

This is exactly why you may be seeing people making gratitude lists on Facebook. This is why we try to stop complaining. This is why we stop arguing and putting people down and gossiping. This is why we read spiritual books, scriptures, and prayers.

We take on spiritual practices in an effort to change the story we are telling.

As it turns out, I am in fact a musician, but am very trustworthy. I am usually on time. Because I am a night owl, mornings usually start between 9 and 10(depending on what time I went to bed) but this by no means deems me as lazy. Most of the time when awake, I’m working.

And I’m not broke anymore either. I’m not afraid to ask for what I need, and I can afford what I need for myself and my family.

Because I changed the story. I overrode the rules that I myself had made.

And I am continuing to change my story to an even better story. I continue to disregard the rules or astigmatism’s that society or someone else may have about me. I make my own rules, and they are in accord with Universal Law.

Today if you are not happy with your life, please realize that YOU are the story-teller. YOU are making the rules and drawing the lines in the same.

If you don’t like your life, it is time to begin to start telling a different story!

kyle_ssi_002 3Kyle Shiver is a musician, an inspirational speaker, and spiritual counselor. To schedule a phone or Skype appointment, e-mail kyle@thespiritcenter.us or call 912-495-8520.


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