A Demonstration 3-6-2013(my story)


It has been clear to me right from the start, that this blog, as well as my Facebook page, are both to be used as platforms of “Demonstration”. I am creating a new life for myself, I am changing for the better, and I want to do it so that you can see. I can talk to you, post snazzy quotes, and write blogs until I’m blue in the face, but when you see me in person, and as you watch me and my life actually change, then you will know. Then the words become unnecessary. You will be attracted to the vibration, by the actual demonstration, and you will know that it is possible for you to change too.

So I am setting an intention to be more personable in my writings. I want to be a little more open with you about my life. Thus far, I have stuck mostly with writing on Spiritual topics, but today I am creating this new blog category (Demonstration), and here I will share with you about my life situation, my intentions, and here, you will be able to watch me grow! This will also be helpful for me, and a good way to track my progress.

Many of you who know me personally, know that I am a professional musician, and have been making a living playing music for a long time. In 1994, while living in Atlanta, I had my “Self Realization” that my purpose in life was to play music. I began right then and there, working full time during the day, and playing music most nights there in Atlanta. If I didn’t have a gig, there was always an open mic for me to play. I played them all. I played everywhere and anywhere I could. I recorded a CD, and in 1995, I had a big CD release party at the Red Light Cafe in Atlanta. Ninety days later I was on a plane with my guitar and two bags, moving to Boston. There I got a job working in a coffee shop during the day, and playing music in the streets in the afternoon and evenings. I played mostly in Harvard Square, but I also played all the gigs I could get and all the open mic nights. My intention word at the time was “music”, and every thing and every person, every facet of my life had to support this word “music”, this life of “music”.

By 1996 I was beaten to a pulp. In just one year I had played music so much that I had developed severe muscle trauma in my left shoulder and many days I couldn’t play at all. I was living in a two bedroom apartment with five people, barely making enough to survive. I was perplexed, bewildered, and angry. I looked at the sky and I cried “How am I supposed to be a musician if my arm doesn’t work and I can’t play?” “How come this isn’t working?” I knew I was a musician, and that I was to play music, that was never in question, I just couldn’t see  the “how”.

Then one day a guy I’d never seen before walked into my life, slapped me in the chest and said “Why don’t you come to work for me tomorrow and make some real money!” I had no choice but to take the job, even though it meant abandoning gigs for a time. The job entailed mostly travel, and did not afford me the leisure to make my own schedule.

The good part of the job though, was that it paid well. More money than I had ever seen! When I was home I would go to doctors, and soon I was lead by a neurologist, to go see a Holistic Healer, who took one look at me and fixed me. She said that my problem was my posture, showed me the correct posture, and showed me some exercises, and I was able to play my guitar again almost instantly! I soon found myself in a recording studio. I had money now, and so I decided that I would make a CD. This wasn’t to be just any CD, it would be ME. Still to this day I can’t imagine making a CD that would mean more to me than that one did. As a musician and now artist, my CD’s and my finished paintings are like my children, and this child will always be my favorite. I worked the job, wrote and recorded the CD that would be called “From the Concrete Park”, and then in December of 1998, I quit the job. The CD was done and I had two thousand copies. My arm troubles were gone, so now I could play again.

I set sail! From that day in 1998, until one day in 2011,  I earned all my most all of my money by playing music. In 2007 I did suddenly become an artist, and made a little money from that. At times I would teach music and I have had a student or two over the years, but my main income was from playing music gigs. Now things were changing. I was not satisfied with my life, even though I had gotten what I had wanted. It was time to make some adjustments.

I was at the top of my game. I hadn’t achieved the big success that I had originally dreamed of. Playing music and entertaining crowds had been so blissful, but now was becoming old hat, and not enough. I didn’t know where to go next. It seemed that I was destined to play “Hey Good Lookin'” in bars forever, and there are worse fates, however, I needed more. I wanted to be more financially successful too. So I examined my life and decided “I am to play music, but I am to play music somewhere else. Again, me being a musician or not never came into question. I did examine that and came up with the same thing as always; “I am music”. So what was I to do?

I went into searching mode. I began to play music with different people and to change the music I played. I searched around and found a church that had the same sort of belief system that I have and went to church for the first time in thirty years. Unity of Savannah became the shift that I was looking for! Soon I was playing music that I liked in a church that I liked! From there, it has been a whirlwind. My family and I started going to Unity in the summer of 2011, and that is less than two years ago, but just look at all the changes that have occur’d in my life since:
– I have lead 20 SPIRIT Healing Music Meditations in Savannah
– I have played music Unity Church’s in Savannah, Tallahassee, Orlando, Charleston, Charlotte,    and Wilmington NC.  and lead workshops everywhere except in Charlotte.
– I played at a Center Living Center in Charlotte, and will soon be playing at the new CSL here in Savannah!
– I began going to school online and studying to be a Holistic Health Practitioner. I became a certified music healer, a Reiki master, and am over half way through in getting my certificate. I have also become certified to teach meditation, and AKASH(Ancient Keys to Achieving Success and Happiness) which is a program put together by Swami Kryananda, who was a direct disciple for Paramahansa Yogananda.
– I have an office space and have had over 100 sessions with different people. At first I was doing projects for school, but I soon began bartering and then getting paid for my healing work.
SO as of now, my word of intention has shifted from the word “music”, to the word “healing”. This does still include music, and of course sound healing is a part of that. My intention for this year is simply to expand the number of SPIRIT events. This includes playing music in Yoga classes, meditations, playing music in church services, and also building my client base. This is the year 🙂

My goodness I didn’t mean for this to be so long, but it took this to get it all in. I want you to know me, and where I’m coming from. If you read this far, you may as well leave me a comment of good wishes!

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Debra says:

I agree – it took exactly that collection of words and not one less.

Thank you so much for this heart-full sharing! I’m excited and inspired by your spiritual journey and it’s seamless interface with the whole of your life. The time that I spent in sessions with you, however brief before my move to Charlotte, were formative to my spiritual life and concept of my self.

Looking forward to your next blog!

Namaste (and an old fashioned hug).

Keller says:

Awesome, what other word is there. I too, credit Unity with my life change, as well as a guru who was kind, laughing, and there when I needed him. I share his mantra as often as needed. I see you bigger than you see yourself. My first reaction was, don’t mess with the p-didley stuff, Kyle! You’re going big time ; ) Just watch. love, hugs, and best wishes!