A Creation of the CREATOR


“I AM okay just the way I AM. Right where I live, right where I am working, with what I possess. I AM whole and complete right here and right now! I am a creation of the Creator!”

The idea that I want to share with you today is this: If what you have isn’t enough, hiding in a very subtle way behind those feelings is the little voice that says “I am not enough“. It’s a simple enough equation to work out, and here is an example:
1) I want a nice new car!
2) Why don’t I have one?
3) Because I can’t afford it
4) Because I am just a musician(excuse) and didn’t go to school and I haven’t been as successful as I would have liked and things haven’t gone my way.(victim)
5) But I am going to keep trying to work towards it, I am going to try harder(I haven’t tried hard enough), work harder(I haven’t worked hard enough), do this instead of that(I was doing it wrong), and one day I will get there.(Because here is not okay)

It is a very subtle voice that I don’t even hear because it is hidden. It makes excuses, it says I am a victim, it quietly suggests that maybe I haven’t tried or worked as hard as I should have or could have. It masks “Here is not okay” with “I would be okay if I could be there”.

Eckhart Tolle says that “If enlightenment is something you are going to do, are going to achieve, if it is something that you are working towards, you have already missed it, because enlightenment is right here in the present moment.”

Use your awareness to watch for these kinds of thoughts. The idea is to be on alert for them, catch them, and correct them. Understand that it is all untrue. It is normal for people to really feel like they need an excuse, to feel victimized, to feel as if they should have worked harder or tried harder, or put more into it. I AM here to tell you that these feelings are just untrue. You have always done your best! You have always done what anyone who was you would do. We all do the best we can with what we have. The idea is to acknowledge this fact of Truth, and to spend some time being okay in the here and now with what you have and with things the way they are. Cultivate gratitude every day, and watch it grow into happiness! Stop making excuses, being a victim, telling yourself you should have done better, and start affirming “The Creator created me, and I am a creation of the Creator!” Know that this is the real Truth. You are a creation of the Creator. Treat yourself that way, see yourself that way, BE that way, right now!
For those of you who might think “This guy is blowing a lot of smoke”, I respond in this fashion:
– Person #1 Does not make excuses, and does not see himself as a victim. He knows he always does his best, and that his best is good enough. He is happy with his life and with what he has, and knows that he is the creation of the Creator. He is happy, grateful, and satisfied.

-Person #2 Makes excuses about everything, and is a victim of the world. Things just don’t go his way. His mind is filled with “You should have tried harder”, “You should have worked harder”, “You didn’t do it right” and “You didn’t do as good as you could have”. He is unhappy, ungrateful, and unsatisfied.

Which person is set to succeed in life? Who is more likely to get a new car? It’s a simple enough equation to work out!

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