A Church of Oneness is Born!


Tybee Spirit SMALL“Tybee Spirit is a loving spiritual community. We meet regularly(when our services begin) to celebrate and praise God the Creator. Our doors are open to people of all beliefs.” 


I’m starting a church!

Several years ago the vision came for SPIRIT, and it is a really big vision. It is a vision that seems really huge to me, and a little bit impossible. But I played along.

There is a Facebook group called SPIRIT, then I began leading meditations weekly and monthly all over Savannah. There was lots of travel to different Unity church’s too, where the music and workshops I was leading turned into actually giving the message.

It all seemed so natural.

This year I began to let go of some of the weekly meditations, simply knowing that it was time. Soon there happened a series of events that led to Tybee Spirit!

It is there already! There is a core group of 8-10 very dedicated people who have been involved. We have a secretary, a treasurer, and money in the bank. (We met our first financial goal with ease)

And now on Wednesday December 17th we will have our first service! It will be at 6:30 p.m. at the Ocean Plaza on Tybee in the Garden Room conference center.

I will give a talk on “Oneness Consciousness”, there will be awesome music, and we will then have a social time and pot-luck.

It all just seems so natural.

For those who are interested to know, our services will be held on Wednesday’s so that I can continue my work with Unity of Savannah, and also so that I can travel and continue speaking and workshop engagements. However, Tybee Spirit is not affiliated with any other group or organization.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved so far and to everyone who is supporting us with love, money, and prayers! We are grateful!

Please visit us on the WEB

kyle_ssi_001Spiritual counsel with Kyle is just a phone call away! 912-495-8520 or e-mail kyle@thespiritcenter.us

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Terry Navarria says:

Congratulations. I am sooooooo happy for you. Wish I could be there for your “debut” but unfortunately that is the day I am having a hip replacement at Grand Strand Medical Center.

I am a member of Unity Myrtle Beach and met you several times there and at UMMAS (I have the same birthday as Lily) hope you remember me. I will re-introduce myself the next time we meet.

Until then,


kyle says:

Terry thank you for your kind words and support! Will see you in February of 2015 🙂

Dale Worley says:

I am so happy and grateful that your vision is now manifest! I am looking forward to joining you for the first service.

kyle says:

Yes yes yes!!! We celebrate Oneness Consciousness together and I am grateful!