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Right Now


Unity Village 2017 Summer

We are all experiencing this time of pandemic in different ways.

Some of us have been working the whole time, but so many of us have had our lives turned upside down. The fact is that this is affecting 100% of us in one way or another.

While I will not use this space to discuss politics or to spout off my opinions, I will use this space to bring a little light into the world. I will use this space as a centering space for me, and hopefully for you as well.

The pandemic has set off another pandemic. But this one is a pandemic that is and has always been around. Let’s call it, “The Future.” However it appears to have been really juiced up as of late. read more

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The mind-body

Kyle Shiver

Kyle Shiver INHA

It is a proven fact, and we have known for eons, that if you think pleasant thoughts, it will calm you down. By “calm down” I mean that it will physically calm you down. ¬†Your breathing will become slower and more even, your heart-rate will reduce, and the brain is stimulated in more helpful ways too. It is easy to see that what is going on in our minds has a major impact on our bodies, especially over the long-term. There are many doctors the world over, who will tell you that much of the illness that we suffer from, is psychological. read more

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