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Staying Calm In the Storm


Okay I will be honest with you.

The things that I can do that help me the most, that relax me the most, that heal me the most, are the last things on my mind during times of challenge or stress. 

So I literally have to make a list of these things, and then be very aware and conscious that I actually do these things.

For me it can be simply sitting and playing guitar with no intention.(Such as learning a song for a gig) Just playing. Just enjoying the sounds and playing purely for myself.

Writing is also a go-to thing for me. Get involved in a writing project. Or a drawing/art project, or why not meditate more often and sit in the stillness? Or take a walk around the neighborhood and admire the scenery. read more

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Emotional Balance


At Center for Spiritual Awareness 2017

The idea of being, “centered,” or, “grounded,” is pretty much the aim for those of us on a spiritual path.

It it very easy to get trapped into, “emotionalism,” and find ourselves perhaps a little too happy all the time. Or it can swing the other way and we can find ourselves a little too sad or depressed all the time.

Or of course there are those of us who have pretty regular mood swings and you never can tell what you will get when you encounter us.

I work with many people who’s brain chemistry may be a little, “off,” and so they take psychotropic meds. Sometimes these work wonders, while other times they seem to only make things worse. read more

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How You Feel About What You Feel


Did you know that you are probably feeling the way you are supposed to feel?

Working in spiritual counseling, energy healing, and life coaching, I get to talk to lots of people, and I talk to lots of people anyway, and generally I never hear anything that doesn’t make sense.

But we don’t like to feel afraid, or to grieve, or to feel uncomfortable.

And when we do feel anything other than good, and we don’t like it, we often think, “I shouldn’t feel this way,” or, “I should be better than this.” read more

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Change What You Can


Kyle at Unity Village August 2016

Are you familiar with the, “Serenity Prayer?”

People who go to twelve-step meetings are, because they always begin their meetings with this prayer: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Today I’d like to focus on the second part, courage to change the things I can, because that is a primary focus in my own personal life. If we continually want to grow and to better ourselves, then change is inevitable. read more

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Your, “Spiritual Practice”


Unity Village 2017 Summer

What is a, “Spiritual Practice?” What is your personal, “Spiritual Practice?”

In your mind, it could involve prayer and/or meditation, yoga and/or exercise, food/diet, the clothes you wear, the work that you do, or simply going to church. It could even include where you choose to live and the furnishings in your house.

But most often when I think of, “Spiritual Practice,” or when talking with someone about their practice, what comes up is what we don’t do, or what we feel like we need to start doing. read more

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A Log Truck Driver Meditates


At Center for Spiritual Awareness 2017

The other day I met a guy who told me he is a log truck driver.

I told him that my friends and I were in town at a meditation retreat.

“I meditate every day when I drive my log truck.” he said.

“Yeah” I said. “And I bet you have a good day every day because you sure don’t want to have a bad day when you are a log truck driver.”

“You got that right.” he said.

The conversation reminded me of a talk that OSHO gave where he says, “Race car drivers meditate while driving, rock climbers meditate while climbing, people who do dangerous things, meditate. They have to pay strict attention or they will die.” read more

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The “Work” of Meditation


There are many different types of meditation, but the one thing that they all include, is focus.

You can focus on your breath, repeat a mantra, look at a candle flame or a spot on the wall, or you can listen to a guided meditation. Regardless of the technique that you use, the idea is to learn how to keep your focus and attention in one place for a length of time.

And this takes work.

When I began in meditation, I was using my breath. My initial goal was to watch my breath and count 25 breaths. read more

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Not A Cloud In the Sky (An Omen?)


Today while riding my bike, there was not a cloud in the sky.

The sky was such a brilliant blue that it was mesmerizing. What a beautiful sight! And how often do you see that? No clouds?

I looked and looked, and didn’t see a cloud the entire time.

Often while teaching a meditation workshop, I will suggest that people imagine that their thoughts are clouds.

In this exercise, you let the clouds just drift on by.

Instead of getting on a cloud and going for a ride, if you just look at it and acknowledge it, the cloud simply will pass on by. read more

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God is All and All is God


You cannot really define what “God” is.

Some people have been so put off by various religions that they won’t even use the word, because it brings up associations of fear and guilt in them.

But a lot of these people still have another word for “it,” because they know that there is something there. (Obviously excluding our atheist friends)

(I will use the word “God” here simply because that is the word I use. But please feel free to substitute with whatever word you choose.) read more

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When Things Are Out of Order


IMG_1595I find it hilarious that myself and most of the people I am closest to, tend to shy away from order or discipline.

Meanwhile, (and I cannot speak for anyone but myself) every time there is an issue in my life, it seems to be because things are, “out of order.”

But lately it has been coming at me from every angle. Psychiatrists, leading neurologists, doctors of every sort, and spiritual teachers such as Charles Fillmore and Roy Davis, all say that things work better when there is order. read more

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