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You Are Plenty Good Enough


It has been a while since the last blog. Actually this is the first one of 2020! (So, “Happy New Year!”)

My path has led me into trying different things, and saying, “yes” to different opportunities, and just opening up to Spirit in new ways. Meanwhile, maintaining all the things that were already in my life.

Often I’d like to wait until a certain thing gets taken care of, until I finish grieving my mother, until I can have the surgery to repair my eyes, … you know read more

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My Dark Time


IMG_2569On the outside, things are all pretty much the same as they were five years ago. My wife and I will have been married for thirteen years this July, and we have lived in this house for ten years. Our daughter is six. My main income is from music since 1998, which is sixteen years ago now. Wow.

But boy did I go through a dark time. I’m talking about a darkness with not a spec of light anywhere. All I had to go on was to tell myself that, “One day you’ll see that little spec again.” read more

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Mrs. Janet Halliburton

Mrs. Halliburton at work!

Mrs. Halliburton at work!

The subject of this first edition of my new category called “People Who Inspire Me” is Mrs. Janet Halliburton.

Mrs. Halliburton is my daughter’s kindergarten teacher, at Marshpoint Elementary  here in Savannah.

Recently I got to spend the day at the school because of a new program called “Watch Dogs“, and it was really a treat to get to spend time in the classroom and on the playground with my daughter and her friends.

While in the classroom, sitting at a table with my daughter Lily and a few other children who were all drawing, I asked about these particular markers the kids were using, because, being an artist myself, I had never seen these particular markers and was interested in them. read more

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Not Enough Time…


kyle_ssi_008The verdict is in, and it seems that no matter how long I live, it isn’t going to be long enough. Those who know me know that besides meditation and music, I also paint, and of course I write a lot, and I love to read. Mix these things with yard work, family time, and … work, and it equals up to no time to waste.

So tonight I sit here in my garage office, surrounded by instruments of various sorts. There are boards and canvass to paint on and bottles of paint and brushes. Most of the art stuff is all in one place because I haven’t painted lately, but there are paintings everywhere. Most of them are mine, but there are a few paintings by my favorite painter Aileen Harris too. There are boxes of CD’s, speakers, guitar strings, lots of books, bills, my calendar, my notebook, filing cabinets, and then there is Lily’s Barbie bike, her swimming pool noodles and her boogie board. Also, my wife Heather stores some of her photography props out here. The recycling bins are here, and then there is the lawn mower and other yard equipment. My dad left a Georgia Bulldog cooler and some Bulldog chairs, and we plan on taking them to the Georgia/Florida game. He also has some fishing rods in the corner. I am surrounded by all this that I love and sometimes I feel such a longing that I don’t know how to describe it. I want to do everything all at the same time and forever. read more

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kyle_ssi_008Is there something in your life that you are excited about? I’m not talking about a relationship, or even money, I’m talking about some thing. An experience, a new thing that you are learning to do, something that really lights you up. We get inspired when we see something that turns us on(still not talking about relationships). Some particular musicians, play music that makes the hair stand up on my arms. It calls to me, and it feels like a magnet and I am steel. It calls me to attention. Sometimes I get an idea for a painting in my head and I can’t rest until I paint it. More and more often lately I feel led to write, and the words just flow from me. It is good to be inspired. read more

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