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Keep It Moving Forward/You Are Not Alone!


Unity Village 2017 Summer

I have been working a seasonal job in a call center to make extra money this holiday season.

Today a lady called, and when she had finished ordering her products she suddenly exclaimed, “I don’t know what to do my husband died and all these grandkids are coming and I miss my husband so badly.”

I said, “You are going to keep it moving forward Margaret, because that is what we do.”

“Yes.” She said. “That is what we do. Thank you.

And we hung up.

And the terrible grief pains of missing my mother, who passed away on Christmas Day of 2017 appeared. And it just became so clear that there are SO MANY people who have loved and lost, and who have gone through so many trials and tribulations. read more

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How You Feel About What You Feel


Did you know that you are probably feeling the way you are supposed to feel?

Working in spiritual counseling, energy healing, and life coaching, I get to talk to lots of people, and I talk to lots of people anyway, and generally I never hear anything that doesn’t make sense.

But we don’t like to feel afraid, or to grieve, or to feel uncomfortable.

And when we do feel anything other than good, and we don’t like it, we often think, “I shouldn’t feel this way,” or, “I should be better than this.” read more

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Kyle Shiver

– Running from feelings only prolongs them, and makes them bigger. Going to your feelings will make them shrink and go away. Its as simple as that.

– It really is okay to feel whatever you feel.  

-Feelings, though they may be painful, will generally pass quickly , unless you refuse them. 

People say to me all the time “I don’t want to slow down, because then I will have to feel those feelings.” This is exactly why so many of us live in the mind instead of as the souls that we actually are. The soul is left dormant, unattended, and asleep, and we live completely in our minds. Many people are even surprised to find out that they have a soul, that there is a “self” in there. read more

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