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When It is Time


Kanuga 2017

It was the summer of 1996 and I was living in Central Square, in Cambridge MA. 

I’d moved up there the year before to become a street/subway musician, and that was easy enough to do, once I overcame the fear.(which is another entirely different story) 

In the mornings, I’d work at the coffee shop down the street from my apartment. And then in the afternoon/evenings I’d go play music in Harvard Square, a subway train station, or a gig. 

The goal was simply to be playing somewhere every day.  read more

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Life Is Like A Relay Race


Kyle speaking at the UMMAS gathering at Kanuga 2015

“It is kind of like life.” I said. “Sometimes you just don’t know if you are big enough or strong enough to do it.”

My friend immediately said, “You don’t have to be.”

She told me that when her daughter was younger, they lived next door to an elderly woman. The daughter, who was twelve, would go and visit the elderly neighbor a lot and over time had befriended her. 

One day, the elderly friend passed away, and the little girl was asked to officiate the memorial.  read more

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Getting Sucked In To the News


Kyle at Unity Village August 2016

I got sucked in to the news again.

It happens sometimes, but it is so annoying. CNN, Reuters, BBC, and even the Drudge Report…

What is the President doing? What’s up with North Korea, China, Syria, and Russia?

Next thing you know I am reading this story about the next flu epidemic, which they know is coming. Millions will die.

The Facebook killer. The shooting rampage.

It just starts off bad and ends up worse.

It is a wonder we all don’t go jump off a bridge!

That reminds me of a story I saw the other day about how they are spending millions to construct a net beneath the Golden Gate Bridge, because so many people jump off of it every year. read more

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If You Worry, Why Pray? If You Pray, Why Worry?

Kyle at Kanuga 2015

Kyle at Kanuga 2015

I was at the Kanuga Retreat and Conference Center in Hendersonville NC a few years ago, and this lady walked up to me and said, “Just imagine in your mind, if you never had to worry again!”

The crazy thing is that though I remember very clearly this idea being impressed upon me, I have no idea who the lady was. (are you out there?)

Maybe the question threw me for such a loop that I just didn’t register the lady.

Because I remember the revolt that happened inside my mind. “What do you mean?” “Are you crazy?” “There are bills and I have a family to take care of.” “I have plenty of things to worry about!” read more

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By Your Faith You Are Healed


kyle_ssi_008When Jesus performed a healing, he always said, “It is your faith that has healed you,” or “By your faith, ye are healed!”

He never took the credit.

He never says that, “I healed you because I deem you worthy,” or “Because you sit in meditation for one hour every day, I will heal you.”

“It is your faith that has done the healing.”

Jesus didn’t point to himself, nor did he point to God. He places the focus back to where it came from. read more

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We all have an urge to “get somewhere in life” or to “accomplish something.”

It has always resonated with me that we are here in these bodies on earth for a reason. It couldn’t possibly be simply because two rocks collided and there was an explosion and that this is all just some freak of nature mistake.


It is all too perfect.

If there is a reason for us to be here, if there is something for us to do, then we must find out what it is and do it. We are supposed to have those urges to “get somewhere in life”. We are supposed to have goals and intentions in life. read more

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The Great Transitioning


So many people that I know, including myself, are going through lots of change and transition right now.

Transition and change is always a little uncomfortable and sometimes quite painful.

The facts is though, that everything in the Universe is moving all the time. Nothing is sitting still. Everything is in the process of dying and being reborn. Re-birth, re-generating, growing and blossoming.

This is the way of the Universe.

But we go through periods where things seem stable and unchanging and everything is okay. Perhaps a long period of routine that doesn’t change. And when things do start to change, or when there is a sudden shift, this can often rattle us. read more

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Faith is Knowing

Kyle with with Reverend Dale Worley

Kyle with with Reverend Dale Worley

The Reverend Dale Worley gave one of his best talks this morning at Unity of Savannah.

Being the second week of Advent, he chose to speak on “Faith”, rather than on “Hope”, and that is because n the metaphysical/spiritual world, we don’t “hope”, we KNOW.

Faith is knowing.

To hope is to wish and maybe not be too sure.

And if you are working with the Universal Laws, there is no hoping and wishing, everything is pretty cut and dried. And you know.

Dale spoke about the story of Bethesda from the New Testament, and he also spoke about the story of Jesus walking on water. He told us that in the Bible, Jesus never says, “I healed you.” Instead, Jesus always says, “By your faith, you are healed.” read more

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Let’s Enjoy This


I get nervous, but I don’t let it stop me.

And things keep getting bigger. It is as if the Universe says, “Well if you can handle that, then here is something bigger!” In the past I always looked at it from a very interesting angle.

I moved with the idea that the Universe was against me.

So when I would overcome something I would think, “Great, now what kind of challenge is coming?” I don’t like being nervous. I don’t like feeling challenged or intimidated. It would be greatly uncomfortable and I would not want any more. read more

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Reflections After Twenty Years


This is a most special year for me.

Though I don’t know the exact date, it was around this time of year in 1994, that I had my self-realization”. It happened before Thanksgiving, and most likely in early to mid November of that year. If it feels to you like I write about it too much or mention it to frequently, then please understand that this moment of self-realization was the moment that I was reborn.

So many things shifted within me in a single instant that it would take a lifetime to write them all down, and words wouldn’t really describe it anyway. As OSHO said, “My words are fingers pointing to the moon.” read more

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