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Staying Calm In the Storm


Okay I will be honest with you.

The things that I can do that help me the most, that relax me the most, that heal me the most, are the last things on my mind during times of challenge or stress. 

So I literally have to make a list of these things, and then be very aware and conscious that I actually do these things.

For me it can be simply sitting and playing guitar with no intention.(Such as learning a song for a gig) Just playing. Just enjoying the sounds and playing purely for myself.

Writing is also a go-to thing for me. Get involved in a writing project. Or a drawing/art project, or why not meditate more often and sit in the stillness? Or take a walk around the neighborhood and admire the scenery. read more

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The Dark Night of the Soul


Kyle OM Tree 1It helps to look back on my life and see the ups and downs.

And there have been plenty of both.

But you know… there are those downs that are really down. The worst has happened, and you just don’t feel any hope or faith in anything anymore.

But yet you are still alive.

If you have survived one of these though, you can look back on it and know that you survived the last time you felt this way.

And you will survive again.

I sometimes envy those people who seem to never change. They are always the same. But I know that they too go through changes in life, as does everyone else. read more

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Overcoming Depression


IMG_2356First off, let me say that the word “depression” gets tossed around a lot. Though we may say, “I’m depressed”, or hear someone else say it, we do need to keep in mind that the word can mean, “I am bummed because I lost my job and haven’t found another one”, OR it can mean something a lot more serious than that.

Searching around on the internet I found a lot of information about symptoms of depression, and while searching, I came across an article called “The Five Symptoms of Depression” (see the article HERE) read more

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