Want to Let It Go? Now is Your Chance!


kyle_ssi_002 3On Monday January 27th at 7:30 p.m. I will be at Anahata Healing Arts in Savannah to give a talk and lead a guided mediation on forgiveness. People are going to cry, people’s eyes are going to open and see things in a new light. Perceptions are going to change and people are going to let go of things that they have held on to for years. It is going to be hard and heavy, and then it is going to be easy and free and light as air. We are going to let it all go. We are going to have a new way to perceive. We will all leave a lot lighter that we were upon our arrival. 

I know how it is to carry hurt and to carry resentment, and not be able to let go. You want to let go, you understand that it doesn’t make sense to carry the pain, but still you can’t let it go. You don’t understand how anyone could possibly do or say what was done or said. It was not fair. Nobody deserves what you got.

So you are stuck with it.

In my line of work as an energy healer and life coach, I get all kinds. I hear things sometimes that most of us(thankfully) cannot even imagine. Then I hear other things that may not seem so challenging, but I understand that when you are challenged, you are challenged. That is that.

If it hurts, then it hurts. If it is a challenge, then it is a challenge. You should feel exactly the way you feel, and I will make no bones about that. You aren’t going to let it go just because you know you should, or because you know it is hurting you. If that would work, then you would have already let go. So what is the plan here? How do you forgive?

“A miracle is simply a shift in perception” Marianne Williamson

The only way to let go of something is to realize that there is nothing there to hold on to. A shift in perception will do it every time.

What: Forgiveness Meditation with Kyle Shiver
When: Monday January 27th at 7:30
Where: Anahata Healing Arts 
Address: 2424 Drayton Street, Savannah
Cost: Suggested $10 donation


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